Friday, 16 June 2017

Lumberton Trading Company

Lumberton Trading Company was founded in 2005 by Hassni Malik and Richard Johnson. After a few releases, however, Hassni resigned from his involvement. Richard Johnson continued with the label on his own, initially claiming the label would learn from Fourth Dimension's many mistakes and perhaps have a slightly more 'serious' agenda. The line between both labels has subsequently become more blurred, although LTCo has a perhaps less obvious 'punk' approach to FD...

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LUMB031 BC feat. Simon Morris The Day and the Night of the Body CD. Following the MLP release by Brian Conniffe on LTCo at the very end of 2013 comes this second one for the label, featuring the late Simon Morris (Ceramic Hobs, Smell & Quim, author of works published by Philip Best's Amphetamine Sulphate). Two lengthy pieces, one replete with Morris' exclusive narrative, that arrive from a similar vortex of abstract psychedelia and crepuscular electronics as Nurse With Wound, who Brian has also worked with before. Presently at the plant and scheduled for release in mid/late July. Pre-order for £10.50 + £3.50 postage (anywhere in the world)

LUMB030  NICK MOTT The Fall of the Human Empire LP/art booklet set.  The very latest work from Nick Mott, formerly of Volcano The Bear, and since then given to exploring those avenues afforded by the kinda electronic composition which assumes shapes at once abstract, darkly psychedelic and downright twisted as it morphs through an inner space wormhole of its own making. This set is strictly limited to 100 and will be packaged in a gatefold sleeve housing both the booklet and LP, alongside an extra print. Following a delay caused by the pandemic, scheduled to go into production July/August 2020. These will only be made available direct and via a couple of other select stockists. Pre-order for £24.50 + £9.50 postage (anywhere in the world)

LUMB029LP  SION ORGON Dust MLP. Featuring six new songs from this incredible sonic sculptor from Wales long known for his work alongside Coil's Thighpaulsandra and a wide range of musicians mostly from his native country. Dust includes collaborations with Thighpaulsandra and a number of other guests. At the plant now, following a pandemic-induced delay, and scheduled for September 2020.  Pre-order for £14.00 + £8.00 postage (anywhere in the world)

NOTE: If you wish to pre-order both, send £49.00 grand total (includes shipping)


LUMB028  EUGENE S. ROBINSON & PHILIPPE PETIT Chapel in the Pines CD. The very latest set of collaborative work by Oxbow's frontman and a master of sonic architecture, Philippe Petit, this time also including Percy Howard on vocals. Aided by two other musicians, the five pieces here are built around brooding spoken word accompanied by a range of electronics, guitars, percussion, piano and metallic sounds moulded into suitable backdrops. Anybody familiar with the previous collaborative albums will be able to grasp the sometimes ravaged nature at work here. Utterly commanding, Chapel in the Pines ebbs into a space where the literary meets contemporary abstract sound in absolute harmony. Includes 8pp. booklet of Eugene's words. Released in August 2018. Available now. £10.50 + £3.50 postage (anywhere in the world)

LUMB025   NICK MOTT The Hole World lathe-cut 10" + CDr + art print package. Ultra-limited edition of 25 by this incredible UK artist whose music is as weird 'n' wonderful as as his art. This was originally supposed to appear in spring 2016, but got delayed. It finally appeared in October 2017. Sincere apologies for the delay to those who ordered this.  SOLD OUT

LUMB027   FAUST Od Serca Do Duszy 2LP. Officially this remastered reissue is a Dirter Promotions release, but because LTCo had a hand in it a catalogue number has also been afforded it very craftily on the back cover. Essentially, it is a Dirter release but we will have a handful of copies to sell here, too. Released in May 2017.  £14.00 + £8.50 postage (anywhere in the world)

LUMB026CD   JACEK STANISZEWKSI Zawstydzajacy Dar CD. Album by this longstanding Warsaw-based electronics artist thankfully prone to bypassing all expectations and doing something entirely different and, indeed, rather more personalised than the fare mostly found within this medium. Previously known for his work under the Facial Index moniker, as founder of multimedia collective/'net-zine Neurobot and CDr label Polycephal, Jacek is also renowned as a culture critic and journalist plus collaborator with a wide array of artists, including Robert Piotrowicz, Anna Zaradny, Wolfram, Alexei Borisov and the late Zbigniew Karkowski. His music is derived from improvised and often intense electronics also using treated turntables. Released in an edition of 300 in mid-2016 and featuring incredible cover art by renowned painter Aleksandra Waliszewska. £9.00 + £3.50 postage (anywhere in the world)

LUMBCD024   NICK MOTT Here Begins the Great Destroyer CD. Ten cuts from the ex-Volcano The Bear artist now given to foraging abstract electronics, musique concrete and other such spaces seemingly beamed in from a part of the universe that's folded in on itself. Released in 2015. SOLD OUT

LUMBCD023   SION ORGON Recognition Journal CD. Six pieces by the Wesh producer, writer and sonic overlord, three of which include his of-found collaborators Thighpaulsandra (Coil, Julian Cope, Spiritualized, etc.) and Gaz Williams (Underworld), amongst a selection of other guests and co-conspirators. Like the two albums before it, including the last one, The Zsigmondry Experience,  also released on LTCo in 2006, Sion Orgon crafts songs from all manner of different sounds and instrumentation mostly arriving from a more abstract or avant-garde extraction. Not always easy to listen to, what makes his music stand out is his ability to surprise. A 'proper' or even acutely accessible song can leap from labyrinthine textures, assume almost prog-like proportions and then dissolve into something far removed from the starting point. Coupled to his amazing production work, whereby years of experience garnered from his working with many a Welsh group from contrasting circles has clearly paid dividends, it is clear Sion Orgon takes the whole notion of working the studio as an instrument in itself up to a level way beyond most of his contempraries. Released in September 2015 in an edition of 300. SOLD OUT

LUMB022   BANABILA & MACHINEFABRIEK Travelog CD. Nine cuts by these two Dutch artists. Ambient-drone and filmic haze. Co-released by Banabila's Tapu Records in an edition of 370 in September 2013.  SOLD OUT

LUMB021   BRIAN CONNIFFE, SUZANNE WALSH, DIARMUID MACDIARMADA Landslide MLP. Five cuts from Dublin-based Brian Conniffe in collaboration with two other artists from the same city. Late night electronic swirl and suitably moonlit textures. Released in an edition of 250 in hand assembled sleeves. £7.75 + £6.00 postage (anywhere in the world)

LUMB020   ACID COBRA Petrified Minds CD. Solo works by Amaury Cambauzat of Faust and Ulan Bator. Released in an edition of 300 in December 2012. Join-released by US label Yessmissolga and Acid Cobra.  SOLD OUT

LUMB018   THEME w/JEAN-HERVE PERON & ZSOLT SORES Poison Is (Not) The Word MLP. Three improv tracks recorded together in a studio in Budapest. Avant-garde/noise far removed from easy listening. Limited to 400, with the first 50 also including a bonus Theme CDr featuring two more cuts. Released in December 2012. £7.50 + £6.00 postage (anywhere in the world) NOTE: Copies with CDr long sold out.

LUMBCDR001   THEME Another Context Revealed CDr. 50 only. Features 'Another Context Revealed' and 'Dream Your Dreams'. Issued with above MLP in December 2012. SOLD OUT

LUMB017   CINDYTALK/PHILIPPE PETIT A Question of Re-Entry 12". Released in early 2012 in an edition of 300. The first 60 copies included a sound postcard featuring an extra track. SOLD OUT

LUMB013   STEVEN SEVERIN Sleepercell CDEP. Three cuts built around electronic loops and textures by the ex-Banshee. Released in an edition of 500, with the first 100 in slightly different sleeve and including a signed and numbered insert. Released in September 2010. SOLD OUT

LUMB012   VARIOUS ARTISTS Autumn Blood (Constructions) CD. Features Peter Christopherson, Zenial/Banabila, Andrew Liles, Volga, Theme, Colin Potter, Steven Severin, Birds Build Nests Underground, Human Greed w/Lee DVD, Formication, Lawrence English and Sion Orgon. Released in September 2009. Limited to 500. SOLD OUT

LUMB011   HUMAN GREED Black Hill: Midnight at the Blighted Star CD. Released at the very end of 2008, this collects more material from the Scottish duo of Michael Begg (Fovea Hex) and Deryk Thomas (known also for his paintings adorning the sleeves of certain Swans and Angels Of Light albums). Shapeshifting midnight murmur and melancholic rumblings wiith guests including David Tibet (Current 93), Fabrizio Palumbo, Julia Kent and more. Still a very few copies left. £9.00 + £3.50 shipping (anywhere in the world)

LUMB010   ANDREW LILES Auto Manipulator LP.  Fifteen cuts by this prolific solo artist now also a member of Nurse With Wound and Current 93. Released in an edition of 300 during mid-2008. SOLD OUT

LUMB2CD008   FAUST Od Serca Do Duszy 2CD.  Professionally recorded live show from Krakow, Poland, in November 2006. Co-released by AudioTONG in an edition of 1000 during mid-2007. SOLD OUT

LUMB005   VOLGA Pomol CD.  Album from this Russian group featuring Alexei Borisov blending electronics, rhythms and folk. Released in May 2007. £6.00 + £3.50 postage (anywhere in the world    NB: FEW LEFT!

LUMB004   MICHAEL GIRA Songs for a Dog LP. Released in 2006 in an edition of 2000. SOLD OUT

LUMB003  THEME Our Angels Dislocated CD. Released in July 2006 in an edition of 500. SOLD OUT

LUMB002  THIGHPAULSANDRA Chamber Music CD. Released in late 2005. SOLD OUT

LUMB002LP  THIGHPAULSANDRA Chamber Music PIC DISC LP. Released in very early 2006 in an edition of 525 hand-numbered copies. SOLD OUT

LUMB001  EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH Worn to a Shadow CD. Released in mid-2005.  SOLD OUT

LUMB001LP  EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH Worn to a Shadow PIC DISC LP. Released in mid-2005 in an edition of 525 hand-numbered copies. SOLD OUT

More items to be added...