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 Grim Humour: Highlights and Lowlights 1983 - 1987 book 

Grim Humour was a UK fanzine which existed for eighteen editions, between 1983 and 1993. It received good reviews and favourable attention from the outset, partly due to its often sarcastic or caustic tone (which became more pronounced with later editions) and its focusing on many groups who arrived from the post-punk music landscape that originated in the DIY sensibilities of the time. Although initially assembled by a group of friends whose passion for the music they wished to document far overrode their artistic or writing skills, the fanzine soon developed in every respect and even became (inter)nationally distributed to independent record stockists, resulting in larger print runs and, with the later editions, a more semi-professional approach that never once betrayed the attitudinal stance of the early issues. This collection is dedicated to re-edited interviews, reviews and suchlike from the first ten editions, reprints of a number of the original pages, bonus material and several contributions by those who were involved with the 'zine, championed it or were part of the very same enclave it pulsated in. Due to the fact many of the original pages had colour backgrounds or were brimming with text bashed out on barely functioning typewriters, the idea of simply rewriting many of the features took hold as a sensible alternative itself open to being expanded on and contextualised. The features include interviews with The Fall, Killing Joke, Crass, Coil, 400 Blows, Sonic Youth, In The Nursery, Head Of David, Virgin Prunes, The Damned, Nick Cave, The Ramones, Fool's Dance (featuring Simon Gallup of The Cure), And Also The Trees, Alternative TV, Portion Control, Big Black and others, plus many reviews, a couple of rants and far more besides. It is hoped this book illuminates a tiny segment of a culture now long gone and never to be repeated. Given just how many of those concerned remain active to this day in one capacity or another, this is far more than a simple nostalgia trip.

This volume will be a hefty softcover book, with over 340pp. This is why the postage is so much. Sorry, but the package will weigh over a kilo.

It is the first of two volumes, with the second planned to be embarked on sometime during 2021. It is the first venture for Fourth Dimension Publishing. Other ideas are also afoot as well...

As with all the releases on Fourth Dimension (and related), it will be distributed by Cargo. The RRP will be approx. £25.00 but the book can be pre-ordered direct for £18.50 plus shipping. It was published in October 2020. 

Adventures in Reality book


Put together by Alan Rider, Adventures in Reality, was a fanzine from Coventry in the early 1980s that both fitted snugly inside the post-punk landscape of the time and did its utmost to avoid many of the tropes most fanzines were given to. Like most of them, however, each edition was produced with a youthful energy and passion itself manacled to an attitude only really emboldened by this cultural shift.

In between diatribes and a salubrious dash of humour, Adventures in Reality proved itself to be amongst the vanguard, running countless reviews, putdowns of the apathy dominating the city, and interviews with all from Attrition and Human Cabbages to Wah! and SPK. Somewhere along the way an excerpt taken from the lyrics of The Jam’s poignant ‘That’s Entertainment’ also appear, as indeed do cartoons, various lists and suchlike. Everything adds up to an intoxicating mix absolutely perfect for the time that spawned it.

Over the course of its 13 issues, plus a few other related titles originally published anonymously and designed to upset rival fanzine editors and their own supporters, Adventures in Reality proved itself to stand above its immediate competition so well it made a formidable impression not only nationally, but also internationally. 

This compendium gathers all 13 issues in their entirety, as well as the other titles and additional ephemera, alongside insightful introductions to each of them, an interview with Alan Rider, a foreword by Matthew Worley, blurb by Nicholas Bullen (himself inspired by AiR enough to start his own ‘zine), and several other bonuses. 

Collected in an A4 book similar in size to the Grim Humour one also published by Fourth Dimension, this makes for a perfect return trip to a time long gone still of interest to either those informed by it or those who wish to navigate their way to why it was so unique in the first place.

As Alan himself says, "Fanzines were never intended to form a part of mainstream pop culture.They were underground, counter culture, an alternative that existed to shine a light on new music in a way that commercial publications could not and would not. Wilfully obtuse, Adventures in Reality sought to seize that ground, breaking the mould of what a post-punk fanzine was expected to be and by doing so, adding an extra dose of subversive originality to the pool of UK underground alternative music culture "

Scheduled for….blahblah

“The seismic effects of the initial punk explosion continued to be felt in the late 1970s and early 1980s, particularly in the host of fanzines that flowed from the bedrooms of the inner cities, suburbia and rural hamlets.

In the vibrant local fanzine scene of the Midlands of England, Adventures In Reality stood out, combining documentation and interrogation of the post punk diaspora (from local soon-to-be-forgotten bands to national and international artists) with opinion pieces and editor Alan’s humorous asides.

Alan’s enthusiasm was clearly evident, not only in terms of content, but also in a design aesthetic that reflected his studies in art: layouts merged text embedded on dynamically patterned backgrounds with images from cinema reference books and the then de rigueur Letraset transfer lettering and extended to the presentation of the fanzine in a range of formats, all accompanied by a regular free gift.

Although Adventures In Reality was short-lived (as Alan’s focus moved on to his own record label and musical endeavours), it was well received and respected, and also had an impact: its energy and engagement played a part in inspiring my own first foray into fanzine publishing (Antisocial, written with Miles Ratledge in 1980).

This book will provide a valuable contribution to the ongoing reappraisal and appreciation of the fanzine scene of the period, not least in highlighting Adventures In Reality as an exemplar of the animation and vibrancy that characterise the finest fanzine productions.”  (Nicholas Bullen)

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Fourth Dimension Records

Fourth Dimension Records began in 1983 as a subsidiary to Gary Levermore's renowned Third Mind Records. Gary was responsible for the first two releases only, however, before Richard Johnson (who had started to publish Grim Humour fanzine) took over. The label is mostly dedicated to post-punk, electronic, 'outsider', avant-garde and improv music, although occasionally deviates from this. It has two sister labels, Lumberton Trading Company and Winter Hill Recordings. Separate pages for both can be found elsewhere here.

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FDLP130  KLEISTWAHR Do Not LP. News soon.

FDLP129  KLEISTWAHR Mobility one-sided LP. News soon.

FDCD128  JFK Nganga CD.  News soon.

FDEP127  ALTERNATIVE TV 'Was it White and Sticky?' 12". EP of  late '90s material from Mark Perry's long running group, featuring 'Alternative TG', 'Oh Shit, We Fell from Grace' and 'Slap and Tickle'. These originally appeared on the Overground CDs Punk Life and Apollo released, respectively, in 1997 and 1999. None of these tracks previously appeared on vinyl. The side-long 'Alternative TG' is perfectly suited to this release with its noir-disco beat driven homage to Throbbing Gristle's 'United', 'Discipline' and 'Persuasion'. Strictly limited to 300.  Mastered by Sion Orgon. Going into production in November 2020, but 'probably' out in March 2021. 10.00 GBP + 8.50 GBP shipping (anywhere in the world)

FDLP124  RICHARD YOUNGS Metal River LP. New album by another favourite artist here at FD, whose work can traverse everywhere from avant-folk or otherworldly pop to minimalist electronics or some of the most fervent 'outer sounds' one can dredge from the deepest crevices of their doubtlessly life battle-scarred imagination. On Metal River, Richard Youngs offers four songs of deep space beamed curdled electronics not far removed from being akin to the contorted death caterwauls of a cyborg species reaching out in uttermost anguish. It's like prime Edgar Froese getting snagged on Incapacitants before tumbling headlong into a dingy cellar that then has its door slammed shut and locked before one notices the only company is accorded by body parts in dusty and mouldy demijohns. Features three songs on the first side, 'Days of Gravity Indoors', 'Metal River' and 'Rainy Days Static Caravan', plus the side long 'Dual Monody of Accumulated Detritus'. The perfect follow up to the (now sold out) 2dicks 7" lathe-cut also featuring Richard Youngs and released by FD in June. Pre-order now for 14.50 GBP + 8.50 GBP shipping (anywhere in the world)

FDC104  DZIADY Gaseous God cassette. Four tracks belched from a deep underground lava-stream of barbed electronics, menacing growls and feral guitars, replete with guest guitar work from founder of Poland's premier death metal group, Vader, Piotr Wiwczarek. Limited to 20 and packaged with 4pp booklet featuring the lyrics. Out one day. £5.25 + shipping (anywhere in the world)


FDCD125  KLEISTWAHR In the Reign of Dying Embers CD. The very latest album from Gary's ongoing solo pursuit. Finally appeared January 2021. 11.00 GBP + 3.50 GBP shipping

FDCD126  STARE TASMY Kryzys Czytelnictwa CD. Debut from this Polish group whose members have an impressive background in punk, improv, experimental and even classical music. They have come together here to let out a loud shriek of angry disbelief triggered by the general shape of contemporary Polish society and the concomitant public discourse. The album. The album, whose title approximately translates to Literacy Crisis, consists of six punk, jazz and religious chants, all worked together to form a powerful and specific kind of music  the group themselves term 'dark prog reality stand-up'. Hysterically serious compositions are filled with sampled voices of politicians, decades-old speeches found on abandoned anonymous cassettes and articles from current newspapers read out loud without changes to the original text. Added to this is a great blend of progressive jazz-punk where the musicianship is both taut and fluid yet permanently poised to explode. If No Wave had started out in Poland and absorbed much of the country's own musical past at the same time, it might have sounded like this. Co-released by the group's own Soros imprint. Released on November 11th 2020, to coincide with Poland's Independence Day. 9.50 GBP + 3.50 GBP shipping

FDCD116  THEME Sacral Blood Warning CD. The sixth album by the group originally founded by Stuart Carter and Richard Johnson in 2000, following both their involvement in the 1998 incarnation of Splintered for a European tour. Over the years, Theme have performed live sporadically, appearing at festivals and playing a couple of short tours in Europe, the last of which featured them in a full band collaborative mode also including Faust's Jean-herve Peron on bass and Zsolt Sores (Inconsolable Ghost) on viola and electronics. Sacral Blood Warning pays witness to Theme once more returning to the core duo in order to expand on the largely brutal and less compromising approach their work has been imbued with since the very beginning. Partly designed as a reflection on modern times and all the inherent confusion as unrest appears to reign heavier than ever in an almost illusory realm, the music that constitutes this album explores notions of a self without moorings violently torn in several directions. Whilst it might seem deliberately dystopian for the most part, the rich layers of often organic sound reveal a gamut of other delphic shades besides the confusion. There are moments when one can snatch another gulp of air before succumbing to the undertow itself initially inspired by all from sci-fi soundtracks to the confrontational assaults of Suicide and the ravaged voice of Robert Ashley. Joint-released by Idioblast, this appeared late September 2020. 11.00 GBP + 3.50 GBP shipping (anywhere in the world)  

FDCD123   MAP 71  Turn Back Metropolis CD. The very latest album by the Brighton duo built around drums, electronics and vocals. As with the previous album from 2018, Void Axis, this is joint-released by drummer Andy Pyne's own Foolproof Projects imprint and arrives adorned in wonderful, characteristic artwork by vocalist Lisa Jayne. Also packaged with an 8pp booklet featuring all the words. "A stream of angst and agitation not seen since the anarcho-punk days of the eighties worms its way into the rhythm and voice of this Brighton based duo, which may account for the continual comparisons with contemporary political agitators Sleaford Mods. Our review of their previous release Gloriosa went further with references to Suicide and Z'EV and we probably should have mentioned the early albums of PiL, as the sound of Map 71 is strewn with influences from post-punk, industrial and improvisation. But they also sneak in influences from dance music into their electronics, even if it is turned upside down." (Compulsion Online review of Void Axis). Released in September 2020. Shipping now. 10.50 GBP + 3.50 GBP shipping (anywhere in the world)

FD2LP115  KLEISTWAHR This World Is Not My Home/Over Your Heads Forever 2LP.  Reissue of these now o/p albums (originally released on Fourth Dimension Records in 2014 and 2016, respectively) as a limited edition 2LP set. The Down But Defiant Yet and Acceptance Is Not Respect albums will follow in a similar package later. 200 only. No repress. Released in August 2020 and shipping now. 21.00 GBP + 10.00 GBP shipping (anywhere in the world)

FDS120  RAMLEH 'It's Never Alright'/'Kerb Krawler' 7".  For many years now Fourth Dimension Records has forged a strong relationship with both Gary Mundy and Anthony Di Franco of Ramleh by virtue of support for their respective solo endeavours, Kleistwahr and JFK. After having released a large proportion of their albums under these guises it then only made sense that a Ramleh record itself for the label would be mooted. This single grew out of these discussions and follows on from 2019's critically acclaimed The Great Unlearning 2LP on Nashazphone, which itself saw Gary and Anthony not only reunited with Stuart Dennison, Martyn Watts and Philip Best, but also collaborating with Philip's wife (and Consumer Electronics partner) Sarah Froelich and delivering perhaps their most immediate and surprising work to date. Made available as a good old fashioned double-A side on 'punk rock green vinyl', both 'It's Never Alright' and 'Kerb Krawler' maintain these high level proceedings, too. If you ever wondered how Noddy Holder might sound if fed through the Ramleh mangler, then 'It's Never Alright' will help flesh out that thought with its city-destroying stomp attack colliding head on with the kinda untamed keyboard splurge the group is more generally renowned for exorcising. Before you then begin to prod at those question marks arising from the melee, 'Kerb Krawler' helps to reel you back to a psychedelic orbit nobody but Ramleh know how to navigate. Proof positive, should it be necessary, that these boys won't be donning mirror adorned top hats any time soon. Typical for Ramleh as they stand now, both songs represent just two of the many sides they're now given to exploring. Bold, serious, playful and once again illustrating exactly how easily they straddle the line of being great musicians never afraid to turn that notion on its head by rising to new challenges, this single pays testament to their current upward curve. Limited to 500. Released in December 2019. £5.75 + £5.00 shipping (anywhere in the world)  

FDCD119  HAND & LEG Lust In Peace CD. In 2017 the Greek bass and drums duo of Iro Sofoulaki and Stelios Papagrigoriou, otherwise known as Hand & Leg, released their excellent eponymous debut LP on US label Slovenly, which introduced their very own take on a post-punk-infused blend of fiery modern garage and slightly art-driven destructo-rock. Since then, they have been keeping themselves busy, playing live as often as possible, including a more recent support slot to Wire, and working on the second album, Lust in Peace, which will once again appear as a vinyl release on Slovenly and is accompanied by this CD version, featuring an extra track. With their vocals sung, screamed or spat in English and the fuzz-drenched music bursting with attitude, Hand & Leg gleefully embody a sense of fury that'll resonate with many. With its occasional subtle nods to No Wave and murky shades perfectly ploughed with the help of white hot distortion, Lust in Peace does exactly what it's supposed to do in delivering on the promise of the debut. Released in September 2019. Order now. 9.75 GBP + 3.50 GBP shipping (anywhere in the world)


FDC122  V/A 'Low Expectations' CASSETTE. Tied in with the Fourth Dimension Records' label event at The Dublin Castle on November 29/30 and featuring a mostly exclusive track each by Alternative TV, Map 71, Contrastate, Kleistwahr, Gad Whip, Micromelancolie, Hand & Leg, Sion Orgon and Mahler Haze. A neat mixture of abstract electronics, molten noise, contemporary post-punk and other such sounds by a selection of artists perfectly representing just some of the label's broad interests. This was made available from the first date of the event and limited to 60 only. A digital version has also been made available by Cargo Records. The cassette, however, has now gone. SOLD OUT

FD2CD121  RAMLEH The Great Unlearning 2CD. The 2CD version of the group's latest, fantastic album, first issued as a 2LP by Egyptian label Nashazphone in mid-2019. Taking in all from art rock-saturated post-punk to the kinda blistering and tormented psychedelic noise the group has long forged a reputation for, The Great Unlearning proves itself to be the boldest and most definitive statement by the group thus far. It also sees the return of Philip Best to the fold. His partner in Consumer Electronics, Sarah Froelich, also guests alongside the core duo of Gary Mundy and Anthony Di Franco, plus drummers Stuart Dennison and Martyn Watts. Released in early January 2020. SOLD OUT

FDS118   GAD WHIP 'Ward 24' 7".  Trying to understand or explain the very name of this Yorkshire group to anybody when taking into account they already have songs about couch hunches, a goat bag and a grey scale quiche will always present a far tougher call than trying to unravel their music, despite the apparently disparate elements pulled together over the course of an album. Gad Whip have been operating for a few years now and have a string of mostly low-key releases behind them on cassette and suchlike. it was only in 2018 that the gears were greased a little more with the release of the Post Internet Blues LP on Germany's X-Mist label This itself was reissued by Fourth Dimension in early 2019 as a CD expanded with four tracks from the now difficult to find 'In A Room' 12" (on Ever/Never) from 2017. From this point on the thick, dark and swollen skies forming a familiar blanket to the group's operations look like they're firmly in reach as the work continues to get cranked into place. The 'Ward 24' b/w 'Trademark' 7", joint-release by X-Mist, might well adhere to their humble and foggy beginnings in the sense it is limited to 150 but the music, perhaps the group's most immediate yet, wryly looks far beyond. 'Ward 24', still bound to vocalist Pete Davies' semi-spoken psycho-rambled narratives, has a distinctly melodic lilt to its serpentine yet curdled minimal rock underpinning, whilst 'Trademark' is pure 'n' catchy garage-punk bluster instantly proving these boys don't want anybody to get too cosy before whatever it is next they're cooking up. This one mainlines straight to the late night dancefloor of a seedy basement club already cracking under the strain of music not especially designed to be danced to. The nods towards subtle experimentation of their longer works may well have been lifted, or abandoned altogether, but Gad Whip know exactly how to utilise the single format to the best of its potential. Released in late April 2019. SOLD OUT

FDCD117  JFK Weapon Design CD. Reissue of the album from mid-2018, previously only available as a now almost sold out LP. Featuring two bonus tracks, 'Enantiodromia' and 'Interference II', this collects ten cuts from Ramleh's Anthony Di Franco that are bound to ocean floor basslines, carefully controlled electronic blizzards, depth charge beats and the kinda overall sonic devastation perfect for the modern age. Mastered by Matt Cotton at Alchemy, London. Digipak CD, limited to 300. Released in April 2019. SOLD OUT

FDC114  MITSURU TABATA The Long Afternoon of Tabata cassette.  Reissue of an album that originally appeared as a privately issued CDr in 2016 by the renowned Japanese guitarist known for co-founding Boredoms and his work in, amongst others, Zeni Geva, Acid Mothers Temple and Green Flames. On the two live tracks here he uses guitar and synth to once again draw from psychedelia, avant-garde, folk and noise music in a personal quest to create new shapes. Limited edition of 40 copies. Released early March 2019. SOLD OUT

FDCD113  LIMBS BIN Compassion & Vision CD. Recorded by a a quartet of grubby fools in a miserable warehouse in Cleveland, Compassion & Vision sees Limbs Bin founder Josh Landes joined by a cast of repellent perverts, Wyatt Howland, Erik Brown and David Russell, to deliver maybe the worst masterpiece to date. With Howland providing a nauseating rumble and Brown and Russell trading off turns on the kit, the two pieces that constitute this album place the listener in uncomfortable proximity to the conditions of the session. In Howland's completely unforgiving mix, you can smell the seat almost as much as the piss. Over its duration, Limbs Bin explores a range of feelings from anger, exhaustion and resignation to agony, frustration and misery. War jazz for the emotionally underdeveloped. Terror grind for cowards. Lean back, take a deep breath and experience Compassion & Vision.  Released January 2019. Out now. 8.75 GBP + 3.50 GBP shipping (anywhere in the world)

FDCD112   GAD WHIP Post Internet Blues CD.  The CD version of this Lincoln/Yorkshire-based UK group's latest album (the vinyl of which was released by Germany's X-Mist label), following several low-key cassette albums released since 2014, plus the four tracks that constitute 2017's limited edition 'In A Room' 12" e.p.  Gad Whip blend avant-garde sensibilities with a contemporary take on the place where D.I.Y. culture meets post-punk, hints of deconstructed garage rock and interstellar voyaging through sweat-drenched waking dreams. Immediate, powerful, confounding and kept in place by wry, sometimes observational, vocals that recall Jason Williamson and the late Mark E. Smith, this is music primed perfect for any 21st century meltdown in a suburban sprawl.  Released early February 2019.  Available now. 9.50 GBP + 3.50 GBP shipping (anywhere in the world)

FDC111   INCONSOLABLE GHOST Sokolowsko Channelling cassette. In August 2017 the UK/Hungarian/Dutch trio of Hilary Jeffery, Gideon Kiers and Zsolt Sores appeared at the Sanitorium of Sound festival in Poland's Sokolowsko, a village situated amongst rolling fields of green, woodland and hills in the west of Poland. Together, using a combination of voices, electronics, trombone and viola, they created a vast and fully immersive blanket of psychedelic sound effective in its ability to point to what lays beyond those constellations formed at the edge of the mind's eye. Powerful in both scope and vision, the music filled out the village's only cinema with serpentine drones and huge, foggy plumes of suitably crepuscular sound like steam-hammered crystal shards to the skull. This was an expansive music that instantly transfixed the listener whilst layers of meta-sound coiled deep within. The venue was perfect and the realisation undiluted by compromise. Thankfully, the event was recorded and forms the the basis to this limited edition cassette release for Fourth Dimension Records. It captures the entire hour-long concert and certainly will not be the last word from this group. Released in September 2018. SOLD OUT

FDCD110   KLEISTWAHR Acceptance Is Not Respect CD. Another great album from Gary Mundy comprising two parts that between them feature seven tracks inspired partly by religious and political beliefs and their place in a 21st Century UK that is secular and tolerant yet showing fissures during recent years. More subdued and elegiac than most of Kleistwahr's output, there's still much explored in Gary's perfect ability to bridge seemingly uncontrolled noise with tethers that see it assume new shapes. As with the previous albums, limited to 300 in a gatefold LP style sleeve based on the Broken Flag design. Released late September 2018.  SOLD OUT

FDEP108  V/A ''Presently Untitled' 2x7" e.p. Featuring a track each by Richard Youngs, Alternative TV, EXTNDDNTWRK, Map 71, Kleistwahr, Theme and Sion Orgon. Tied in with Fourth Dimension Records' night at Cafe OTO on October 19th 2018 came this compilation in the form of a double-7", with the four artists who appeared on the night itself and a few others associated with the label. Essentially a mini-album's worth of material represented by an exclusive track each by Alternative TV, Richard Youngs, Map 71, EXTNDDNTWRK (Andrew Fearn of Sleaford Mods' solo endeavour), Kleistwahr, Sion Orgon and Theme. Only 350 pressed. SOLD OUT

FDCD107  MAP 71 Void Axis CD. The very latest from this Brighton duo of Lisa Jayne (words, voice) and Andy Pyne (percussion, electronics) who over the past year or two have been steadily gaining wider recognition for both their live performances and their recorded work. Fourth Dimension Records released their excellent 'Gloriosa' album in 2017 as a limited edition cassette which sold out instantly and prompted a CD reissue in early 2018 featuring some bonus tracks culled from equally now hard-to-find limited edition releases. 'Void Axis' is their fourth album and catches the duo at their most immediate thus far, with Lisa's narrative being pushed to new places in terms of its delivery. The music itself remains possessed of a contemporary post-punk hue that equally draws from other genres themselves often turned upside down. 'Gloriosa' garnered heaps of praise that sometimes saw Map 71's work noted alongside the music of Sleaford Mods, Z'ev, Suicide and Cut Hands. 'Void Axis' is the perfect way to discover whether one agrees with that or not. Released by Foolproof Projects/Fourth Dimension Records. Out now. 2018. 9.50 GBP + 3.50 GBP shipping (anywhere in the world)  NB: Very few left

FDEP106  ALTERNATIVE TV Dark Places 12" e.p.  Where to start with Alternative TV? Most know that Mark Perry, founder of Sniffin' Glue fanzine, formed the group either due to or as a response to punk in 1977. Since the debut 'How Much Longer' 7" released that very same year, however, Mark has remained the sole surviving original member and driving force. Not one to stand still, he has taken the group through a succession of lineup changes embarking on a wide spectrum of styles since then; the only unifying factor amounting to a sensibility that never once strayed from its original status. Until now there have been around fifteen albums, with the last one, Opposing Forces,. from 2015 on Public Domain Records, proving to be be amongst their strongest with its marrying of igneous rock, idiosyncratic touches, barbed commentary and occasionally seething undercurrents of dark psychedelic noise. 'Dark Places' expands the mantle of this by offering four tracks, aided by Dave Morgan and Clive Giblin and enhanced further by a guest appearance by the legendary Vic Godard on one of them, that encapsulate a vision as perfectly widescreen as it is bifurcated.  Cascading between full-on rock to a kind of minimalist electronics approach perfectly in keeping with Alternative TV's traverses to the furthest reaches, 'Dark Places' might well seem a world away from where the group were 41 years ago but pays testament to deep metamorphosis, both internally and externally, very much a foundation of their sensibilities. Please note that this 12" was released on 21/04/2018 to coincide with Record Store Day. 600 were pressed, of which 500 were on grey vinyl and 100 were on black. 14.00 GBP + 6.50 GBP shipping (anywhere in the world)

FDLS105   2DICKS Neighbourhoods in the Eternal Light lathe-cut 7". Two collaborative pieces by Richard Youngs and Richard Johnson (hence the 2dicks moniker) recorded mid-2018 and essentially comprising source material from the latter teased into comparatively more 'listenable' shapes by the former (with the help of an additional sound or two). Not the easiest of music, Richard Youngs himself referred to the pieces being akin to mid-period Flux of Pink Indians-meets-PIL's Flowers of Romance during the recording process, but this may suggest results that are less avant-garde than they actually are. Released in June 2020 in an edition of 25 lathe-cut 7"s in handmade packaging.  SOLD OUT

FDC103  LIMBS BIN Vomitous Excoriations of Phlegmatic Aesthetes cassette.  Live from Western Massachusetts, this is twenty minutes of churning electronics, drum machine blasts and shrieks of paranoid ecstasy from America's last honest voice in an ocean of duplicitous vipers. Strictly for the young at heart. A long walk with no stops. A sacred meditation on life as a vessel. Recorded by Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. For fans of General Dynamics, CSX and North Street, this is the latest release from a solo artist not given to cutting corners. Released in mid-April 2018. Limited to 50. SOLD OUT

FDCD102  MAP 71 Gloriosa CD. Reissue of the long o/p cassette released by Fourth Dimension in spring 2017. This collects all seven tracks from the tape release, plus a further six tracks originally released on the equally sold out Blue Sixteen tape (Blue Tapes, 2014) and eponymous CDr on their own Foolproof Projects in 2013. The Brighton duo merge words swaying between the observational and surreal by Lisa Jayne with Andy Pyne's incredible, Charles Hayward-ish, percussion and subtle infusion of electronics. The line between post-punk and its forays into, dare we say, artiness and the more instant and reachable end of the avant-garde might seem very clear here, but the music draws from a wide range of sources twisted into something that very distinctly can only be Map 71. Released in late February 2018. OUT NOW! 9.00 GBP + 3.50 GBP postage (anywhere in the world)

FDLP101  JFK Weapon Design LP. The very latest from Ramleh's Anthony Di Franco,Weapon Design presents eight devastating tracks of pure electronic mayhem.  This is the second full length JFK LP following the release of the NGANGA album on Chondritic Sound in 2017.  Mastered and cut by Matt Colton,  at Alchemy, London. Limited edition of 300 black vinyl LPs in shrink-wrapped sleeves. Released mid-July 2018. SOLD OUT

FDCD100  KLEISTWAHR Down But Defiant Yet CD. Released late 2017. SOLD OUT

FDCD99 SPLINTERED Moraine CD. Remastered reissue of the 1997 album originally issued on vinyl only by Germany's Suggestion and No Risk No Fun labels. Two lengthy tracks comprising piano, found sounds, saxophone, electronics and suchlike besides the full-on and blissed-out psychedelic-noise the group were renowned for. This remastered reissue also includes new, exclusive bonus material by Sion Orgon, Stuart Theme and Steve Pittis/Band Of Pain. Released in December 2017/January 2018.  SOLD OUT

FDCD98   RICHARD YOUNGS This Is Not a Lament 2CD. Two discs that capture Richard's work featuring a number of guests, including Alasdair Roberts, Oren Ambarchi, Neil Campbell, Norifumi Shimogawa, Alastair Galbraith, Simon Wickham-Smith and more. Released in late August 2017.  SOLD OUT

FDCDR003/IBCDR001  THEME Sacral Blood Warning 2 x CDr + booklet package. Co-release with Idioblast. Ultra-limited CDR co-release with Idioblast, catching eight new songs by Stuart Carter and Richard Johnson with their most abrasive work under this guise yet. Essentially a promo item, the disc is housed in an oversized booklet featuring text by Stuart and Richo. Released in November 2017. 50 copies only. SOLD OUT

FDC97   MAP 71 Gloriosa CASSETTE. The latest album from the Brighton duo of Lisa Jayne (words, art) and Andy Pyne (percussion, electronics), here with seven cuts once again converging a DIY post-punk sensibility with nods towards the avant-garde and improvisation. Observational words from Lisa are buoyed by Andy's incredible playing. Released in April 2017. Limited to 55. SOLD OUT

FDCD96   THURSTON MOORE / TOM SURGAL Not Me CDS. Reissue of the long o/p CD and 10" release from 1996 (also on Fourth Dimension) catching two improv pieces by Thurston (guitar) and Tom Surgal (percussion). This time round packaged in a digipak featuring sleevenotes from Thurston and additional artwork. Limited to 500. Released in September 2016. SOLD OUT

FDCD95   KLEISTWAHR Over Your Heads Forever CD. Another incredible album by Gary Mundy of Ramleh's solo endeavour, here with eight tracks of blissed-out and charred psychedelic-noise as immersive and full-on as you may well expect. Released in an edition of 300 in oversized gatefold sleeve in Broken Flag style. Released in June 2016.  SOLD OUT

FDCD94   KLEISTWAHR The Return CD. Remastered reissue of an LP that originally appeared on US label Noiseville in 2009 by Gary Mundy of Ramleh's solo project. Packaged in Broken Flag style sleeve in an edition of 300. Released in 2016. SOLD OUT

FDTEN93   EXTNDDNTWRK Untld 10". Eight solo tracks by Andrew Fearn of Sleaford Mods. Limited to 250. Released in August 2015. SOLD OUT

FD2CD92   EXTNDDNTWRK Just Tracks 2CD. Double disc collection of Andrew Fearn of Sleaford Mods' solo electronic works, ranging from expansive psycho-ambience to post-dancefloor moves, abstract interludes and even a Big Black cover. An impressive array of styles each given Fearn's own unique stamp. Released in July 2014. £12.00 + £4.00 postage (anywhere in the world)   NB: Few left.

FDCD91   KLEISTWAHR This World Is Not My Home CD. Seven tracks by Gary Mundy of Ramleh's solo endeavour. Released in August 2014 in a Broken Flag-style sleeve in an edition of 300. SOLD OUT

FDS88   SLEAFORD MODS Mr. Jolly Fucker 7". The first, second and third editions and their different versions (in terms of sleeves, coloured vinyl and signed editions) all sold out. The first one of which appeared at the start of 2014. A fourth edition, however, was released in April 2015 on orange vinyl in a 'proper' sleeve, as opposed to a wraparound one, and on orange vinyl. SOLD OUT

FD2LP87   JFK La Bas: 1987 - 1992 2LP. Reissue of the o/p CD from 2013, featuring 12 cuts including, 'Necropolis', exclusive to this version, and a different version of 'Sexodus 90' to the one on the CD also appears, besides 'Waterfall' (which was only on the CDr issed with the CD). Matthew Bower (Skullflower, Total, etc.) also features on three tracks. Issued an an edition of 325 on both white and black vinyl. Co-released by US label Dripping Dust Records. SOLD OUT

FDCD86   KAKOFONIKT Kaktuus CD. "The album Kaktuus by KakofoNIKT is an interpretation and translation of the cactus experience into the language of sounds. The compositions are arranged as consecutive stages of the contact with the cactus - starting from preparations, peeling off the skin and spines, going through all the stages of the sensations up to the extreme effects. Kaktuus is the result of experiments with sound perception, methods of improvisation and attempts to evoke peak experiences through music." Debut release by this Polish group, merging electronic textures, organic and acoustic instrumentation, voices and a largely hallucinogenic atmosphere. Co-released by Poland's BDTA label. SOLD OUT

FDCD85   RICHARD YOUNGS Calmont Breakdown CD. Five tracks by the prolific artist defiantly and fantastically locked onto his own artistic path. The tracks here are more abstract and electronic in nature. Released in September 2013 in an edition of 300. SOLD OUT!

FDS84   TABATA MITSURU Uprising 7".  Limited edition of 250 copies. The first 50/60 copies were accompanied by a CDr of the 7" initially prepared for Tabata's March 2013 tour of Poland due to the records themselves not being ready in time. Avant-garde psychedelia by one of the best. Released in April 2013. Officially sold out but we had a handful of returns in April 2017 from a distributor. £4.00 + £4.00 postage (anywhere in the world)  SOLD OUT

FDCD80   JFK La Bas: 1987 - 1992 CD. Collection of 10 cuts by Anthony Di Franco (Ramleh) in solo guise, spanning the years noted in the title and including several previously released. Brutal electronics, sub-bass and post-industrial rhythms. Released in June 2013 in an edition of 300. Co-released by Tiger On Box (a short-lived label based in Russia). The first 50 copies also arrived with a bonus CDr featuring two extra tracks. SOLD OUT

FDS80   RICHARD YOUNGS & LUKE FOWLER Yellow Gardens 7". Richard Youngs in collaboration with the renowned artist Luke Fowler. Electronic loops are spiralling textures. Released in an edition of 250 in screen-printed sleeves in mid-2012. SOLD OUT

FDCD79   SASHASH ULZ Chtenie CD. Album by this prolific Russian electronics artist, here using organ, field recordings and electronics. Released in November 2013 in oversized sleeve. Limited to 300. £4.75 + £3.00 postage (anywhere in the world)

FD2CD76   ZSOLT SORES Ahad's Master's Garden III (2007 - 2009): The Harmonian Blues 2CD. Music recorded during the years noted for dance and theatre, etc. by the Budapest artist/viola player known for creating fantastic improv psychedelic music with an avant-garde sensibility. Released in March 2011 and co-released by Poland's AudioTONG label. 300 pressed. SOLD OUT

FDCD75   TABATA MITSURU Mankind Spree CD. Seven cuts by the renowned Japanese guitarist whose history includes being a founding member of Boredoms and involvement with Zeni Geva, Leningrad Blues Machine and more, besides being a member of Acid Mothers Temple. Under his solo guise, however, he (and several guests) merge(s) avant-garde, psychedelic, electronic and other such music apparently beamed in from a distant corner of the universe. Released in May 2010 in an edition of 300. SOLD OUT

FD2CD74   CIRCLE Triumph 2CD. Featuring the Finnish group's radio session for US sation WMFU, from 2007. Packaged in LP-style gatefold sleeve. Released in September 2009. SOLD OUT

FD2LP73   CIRCLE Triumph 2LP. Featuring the Finnish group's radio session for US sation WMFU, from 2007. Released in a gatefold cover in January 2009. SOLD OUT

FDCD72   THE FIELDS OF HAY Songs for Nine Ladies CD. Five solo recordings from Stuart Carter (Theme, Splintered, Heroin, etc.), combining field recordings, several shades of ambient textures, acoustic guitar and suchlike. Features Sonic Boom (Spectrum, ex-Spacemen 3, etc.) on a couple of the songs and Richo (Theme, Splintered, Husk, etc.) on one. Released in June 2007. £9.00 + £3.50 postage (anywhere in the world)

FD2CD70 MERZBOW F.I.D. 2CD. Six cuts spread over two discs by Masami Akita. 500 pressed. Released in August 2006. £11.00 + £4.00 postage (anywhere in the world)  NB: Few left

FDCD68   ANDREW LILES In My Father's House Are Many Mansions CD. Remixes of Liles' work by Band Of Pain, Nurse With Wound, The Hafler Trio, Colin Potter, Paul Bradley, Bass Communion, Freiband and more. Released in February 2006 in an edition of 500. SOLD OUT

FDCD66   MERZBOW SCSI Duck CD. Four lengthy cuts by this prolific Japanese 'noise' project spearheaded by Masami Akita. Released in 2003 in an edition of 500. SOLD OUT

FDCD62   THEME On Parallel Shores Removed CD. Debut album by this post-Splintered group, collecting ten songs of a more electronic/atmospheric nature originally designed as some kind of reaction to the 'rock' approach of the former group. Co-released with Tremor Recordings in late 2001 in an edition of 500. SOLD OUT

FDCD60   SPLINTERED Noumena CD.  Joint-released by Amanita and Suggestion, this appeared in late 1998 and amounts to something of a 'lost' album originally intended for release a few years earlier on a US label. A vinyl version of the same album was released by Dirter Promotions in 1994 in an edition of 300 which very quickly sold out, although this was supposed to represent an accompaniment to the full version captured on this CD. SOLD OUT

FDTEN59   SHIFTS Equal/Unequal 10". Two cuts by Frans de Waard's textural guitar project. Released in 2000 in an edition of 275 copies. SOLD OUT

FDTEN56   HIJOKAIDAN Ferocity of Practical Life 10". Two cuts by the long-running Japanese harsh electronics project, also featuring Masami Akita (Merzbow) on drums. Released in 1997. SOLD OUT

FDS55   VARIOUS ARTISTS Bottom of the World 7". Features a track each by New Zealand artists Omit, Sandoz Lab Technicians, Surface of the Earth and RST compiled by Nick Cain. Co-released with Fisheye in 1998 in an edition of 'about' 500. SOLD OUT

FDTEN54   STEFAN JAWORZYN Lick My Pussy, Will Montgomery 10". Three savage improv guitar cuts from Stefan Jaworzyn (ex-Skullflower, ex-Whitehouse, Ascension, etc.) with titles such as 'Eat Shit' and 'Jazz Snob'. Limited to 400. Released in 1996. SOLD OUT

FDTEN53   SPLINTERED/A.S.P. split 10". Two cuts from Splintered in slightly more subdued setting, plus one lengthy one from A.S.P. (Steve Pittis of Band Of Pain/Splintered and Richo of Splintered) on the reverse. Released in an edition of 300 in 1997. SOLD OUT

FDTEN50   RICHARD YOUNGS & SIMON WICKHAM-SMITH 444D 10". Four collaborative tracks by the prolific Richard Youngs with Simon Wickham-Smith. Released in 1995 in an edition of 400 with hand-labelled black sleeves. SOLD OUT

FDTEN46   NULL Flying Serpent 10". Three tracks by Kazuyuki K. Null of molten guitar pulverisation. Released in an edition of 750 on clear vinyl in September 1994. A second edition of 100 on black vinyl also appeared in 1995. BOTH VERSIONS SOLD OUT

FDS43   CIRCLE Ghatarian 7". Two cuts by the krautrock-inspired Finnish group. Released in an edition of 400 during mid-1995. SOLD OUT

FDS40   RAKE Squelch 7". Two improv noise-rock tracks that sound like they were recorded in a flooded basement by this US group helmed by Bill of VHF Records. Released in an edition of 400 in 1995. SOLD OUT

FDS36   RICHARD YOUNGS & SIMON WICKHAM-SMITH Worried About Heaven 7". Two collab forays into murky avant-garde textural gush from beyond. Released in an edition of 400 in 1993. SOLD OUT

FDS31   HUSK The Abattoir 7". Two recordings from this project helmed by Richo (Splintered, Theme, etc.), also featuring other Splintered members. Metal percussion, electronics, guitar and tape splurge. Limited to 500 and co-released by Dying Earth in 1993. SOLD OUT

FDS24   JFK Sexodus 7". Two cuts from Anthony Di Franco (Ramleh). Released in 1992 in a numbered edition of 500. SOLD OUT

FD£23   IDENTITY Some Kind of Fun e.p. 7". Five cuts of poppy hardcore from this Redditch group. Released in 1989 in an edition of 1000. SOLD OUT

FDS18   PLAYGROUND Seeking the Truth 7". Features three songs taking the Kent group's sound into slightly heavier territory. Released in an edition of 500 with handmade sleeves and stickers on the labels, plus including an insert. A second edition was then pressed by Decoy/Vinyl Solution with proper sleeves and no inserts or stickers (in an unknown quantity). Released initially in mid-1988. SOLD OUT

FDLP14   V/A Tearing Down the Barricades Vol. 1. LP. Features Splintered, JFK, Political Asylum, Identity, Hotalacio, Brainstorm, Instigators, Crane, Voiceless and more. Issued with Grim Humour #15 and many stickers in an edition of 1000 in mid-1990. SOLD OUT

FD12   AUSGANG In Retrospect (Out of Our Minds) CASSETTE. A collection of demos from between 1983 and 1986 by Ausgang/Ausgang-a-go-go. Post-punk. Released in mid-1987 in an edition of 'around' 100. SOLD OUT

FD08   PLAYGROUND Final CASSETTE. A collection of demo and live recordings by this Herne Bay/Canterbury-based noise-rock/post-punk group. Released in an edition of 250 in 1987. SOLD OUT 

FD06   VARIOUS ARTISTS Fatal: The Grim Follow Up (A Copulation Tape) CASSETTE. Sequel to the Life Would Be Grim Without Humour cassette released in conjunction with Grim Humour fanzine. Feautres Head of David, Clair Obscur, Playground, Shockheaded Peters, Dave Howard Singers, Iron In The Soul, Mustard Kestrels, Furyo, Passion Of Ice and others. Packaged with an 8pp. booklet. Released in an edition of 'about' 200 in late 1986. SOLD OUT

FDS05   AUSGANG Bad Hand flexidisc 7". Features just the track of the title by this post-punk/glam group, issued with Grim Humour #8 in 1986. 1000 pressed. SOLD OUT

FDFS4   I'M DEAD/EPIDEMIC split-flexidisc. Features a track each by these punk/post-punk groups. Issued with Grim Humour #3 in 1984 in an edition of 1000. SOLD OUT

FD03   PLAYGROUND demo CASSETTE. Features three studio recordings, including a cover of ATV's 'Splitting In Two', by this post-punk/noise group. Limited to 150. Released in March 1986. SOLD OUT

FDS02   PERSIAN FLOWERS Somebody Else's Sin 7". Released in 1984 during Gary Levermore's running of the label. The one and only release by this group whose vocalist was once in Wasted Youth. Released in 1984 in an edition of 1000. SOLD OUT

More being added soon...

Fourth Dimension Contact

Please note that, generally, we do not accept demos. We already have a full release schedule and the budget is already straining. However, if you think you have something that will convince us regardless, please send it physically as emails with links/downloads in them simply get left behind usually, due to the fact we receive a large number of emails every day.

The address to send anything to is:

Michala Bobrzynskiego 11/23
30-348 Krakow


Lumberton Trading Company

Lumberton Trading Company was founded in 2005 by Hassni Malik and Richard Johnson. After a few releases, however, Hassni resigned from his involvement. Richard Johnson continued with the label on his own, initially claiming the label would learn from Fourth Dimension's many mistakes and perhaps have a slightly more 'serious' agenda. The line between both labels has subsequently become more blurred, although LTCo has a perhaps less obvious 'punk' approach to FD...

For ordering info, please refer to the Fourth Dimension Records page. Thank you.


LUMB030  NICK MOTT The Fall of the Human Empire LP/art booklet set.  The very latest work from Nick Mott, formerly of Volcano The Bear, and since then given to exploring those avenues afforded by the kinda electronic composition which assumes shapes at once abstract, darkly psychedelic and downright twisted as it morphs through an inner space wormhole of its own making. This set is strictly limited to 100 and will be packaged in a gatefold sleeve housing both the booklet and LP, alongside an extra print. Following a delay caused by the pandemic, scheduled to go into production late 2020. These will only be made available direct and via a couple of other select stockists. Pre-order for £24.50 + £9.50 postage (anywhere in the world)

LUMB029LP  SION ORGON Dust MLP. Featuring six new songs from this incredible sonic sculptor from Wales long known for his work alongside Coil's Thighpaulsandra and a wide range of musicians mostly from his native country. Dust includes collaborations with Thighpaulsandra and a number of other guests. At the plant now, following a pandemic-induced delay, and scheduled for late 2020.  Pre-order for £14.00 + £8.00 postage (anywhere in the world)

NOTE: If you wish to pre-order both, send £49.00 grand total (includes shipping)


LUMB031 BC feat. Simon Morris The Day and the Night of the Body CD. Following the MLP release by Brian Conniffe on LTCo at the very end of 2013 comes this second one for the label, featuring the late Simon Morris (Ceramic Hobs, Smell & Quim, author of works published by Philip Best's Amphetamine Sulphate). Two lengthy pieces, one replete with Morris' exclusive narrative, that arrive from a similar vortex of abstract psychedelia and crepuscular electronics as Nurse With Wound, who Brian has also worked with before. Released mid-August 2020 and available now. £10.50 + £3.50 postage (anywhere in the world)

LUMB028  EUGENE S. ROBINSON & PHILIPPE PETIT Chapel in the Pines CD. The very latest set of collaborative work by Oxbow's frontman and a master of sonic architecture, Philippe Petit, this time also including Percy Howard on vocals. Aided by two other musicians, the five pieces here are built around brooding spoken word accompanied by a range of electronics, guitars, percussion, piano and metallic sounds moulded into suitable backdrops. Anybody familiar with the previous collaborative albums will be able to grasp the sometimes ravaged nature at work here. Utterly commanding, Chapel in the Pines ebbs into a space where the literary meets contemporary abstract sound in absolute harmony. Includes 8pp. booklet of Eugene's words. Released in August 2018. Available now. £8.50 + £3.50 postage (anywhere in the world)

LUMB025   NICK MOTT The Hole World lathe-cut 10" + CDr + art print package. Ultra-limited edition of 25 by this incredible UK artist whose music is as weird 'n' wonderful as as his art. This was originally supposed to appear in spring 2016, but got delayed. It finally appeared in October 2017. Sincere apologies for the delay to those who ordered this.  SOLD OUT

LUMB027   FAUST Od Serca Do Duszy 2LP. Officially this remastered reissue is a Dirter Promotions release, but because LTCo had a hand in it a catalogue number has also been afforded it very craftily on the back cover. Essentially, it is a Dirter release but we will have a handful of copies to sell here, too. Released in May 2017.  £14.00 + £8.50 postage (anywhere in the world)

LUMB026CD   JACEK STANISZEWKSI Zawstydzajacy Dar CD. Album by this longstanding Warsaw-based electronics artist thankfully prone to bypassing all expectations and doing something entirely different and, indeed, rather more personalised than the fare mostly found within this medium. Previously known for his work under the Facial Index moniker, as founder of multimedia collective/'net-zine Neurobot and CDr label Polycephal, Jacek is also renowned as a culture critic and journalist plus collaborator with a wide array of artists, including Robert Piotrowicz, Anna Zaradny, Wolfram, Alexei Borisov and the late Zbigniew Karkowski. His music is derived from improvised and often intense electronics also using treated turntables. Released in an edition of 300 in mid-2016 and featuring incredible cover art by renowned painter Aleksandra Waliszewska. £6.00 + £3.50 postage (anywhere in the world)

LUMBCD024   NICK MOTT Here Begins the Great Destroyer CD. Ten cuts from the ex-Volcano The Bear artist now given to foraging abstract electronics, musique concrete and other such spaces seemingly beamed in from a part of the universe that's folded in on itself. Released in 2015. SOLD OUT

LUMBCD023   SION ORGON Recognition Journal CD. Six pieces by the Wesh producer, writer and sonic overlord, three of which include his of-found collaborators Thighpaulsandra (Coil, Julian Cope, Spiritualized, etc.) and Gaz Williams (Underworld), amongst a selection of other guests and co-conspirators. Like the two albums before it, including the last one, The Zsigmondry Experience,  also released on LTCo in 2006, Sion Orgon crafts songs from all manner of different sounds and instrumentation mostly arriving from a more abstract or avant-garde extraction. Not always easy to listen to, what makes his music stand out is his ability to surprise. A 'proper' or even acutely accessible song can leap from labyrinthine textures, assume almost prog-like proportions and then dissolve into something far removed from the starting point. Coupled to his amazing production work, whereby years of experience garnered from his working with many a Welsh group from contrasting circles has clearly paid dividends, it is clear Sion Orgon takes the whole notion of working the studio as an instrument in itself up to a level way beyond most of his contempraries. Released in September 2015 in an edition of 300. SOLD OUT

LUMB022   BANABILA & MACHINEFABRIEK Travelog CD. Nine cuts by these two Dutch artists. Ambient-drone and filmic haze. Co-released by Banabila's Tapu Records in an edition of 370 in September 2013.  SOLD OUT

LUMB021   BRIAN CONNIFFE, SUZANNE WALSH, DIARMUID MACDIARMADA Landslide MLP. Five cuts from Dublin-based Brian Conniffe in collaboration with two other artists from the same city. Late night electronic swirl and suitably moonlit textures. Released in an edition of 250 in hand assembled sleeves. £7.75 + £6.00 postage (anywhere in the world)

LUMB020   ACID COBRA Petrified Minds CD. Solo works by Amaury Cambauzat of Faust and Ulan Bator. Released in an edition of 300 in December 2012. Join-released by US label Yessmissolga and Acid Cobra.  SOLD OUT

LUMB018   THEME w/JEAN-HERVE PERON & ZSOLT SORES Poison Is (Not) The Word MLP. Three improv tracks recorded together in a studio in Budapest. Avant-garde/noise far removed from easy listening. Limited to 400, with the first 50 also including a bonus Theme CDr featuring two more cuts. Released in December 2012. £7.50 + £6.00 postage (anywhere in the world) NOTE: Copies with CDr long sold out.

LUMBCDR001   THEME Another Context Revealed CDr. 50 only. Features 'Another Context Revealed' and 'Dream Your Dreams'. Issued with above MLP in December 2012. SOLD OUT

LUMB017   CINDYTALK/PHILIPPE PETIT A Question of Re-Entry 12". Released in early 2012 in an edition of 300. The first 60 copies included a sound postcard featuring an extra track. SOLD OUT

LUMB013   STEVEN SEVERIN Sleepercell CDEP. Three cuts built around electronic loops and textures by the ex-Banshee. Released in an edition of 500, with the first 100 in slightly different sleeve and including a signed and numbered insert. Released in September 2010. SOLD OUT

LUMB012   VARIOUS ARTISTS Autumn Blood (Constructions) CD. Features Peter Christopherson, Zenial/Banabila, Andrew Liles, Volga, Theme, Colin Potter, Steven Severin, Birds Build Nests Underground, Human Greed w/Lee DVD, Formication, Lawrence English and Sion Orgon. Released in September 2009. Limited to 500. SOLD OUT

LUMB011   HUMAN GREED Black Hill: Midnight at the Blighted Star CD. Released at the very end of 2008, this collects more material from the Scottish duo of Michael Begg (Fovea Hex) and Deryk Thomas (known also for his paintings adorning the sleeves of certain Swans and Angels Of Light albums). Shapeshifting midnight murmur and melancholic rumblings wiith guests including David Tibet (Current 93), Fabrizio Palumbo, Julia Kent and more. Still a very few copies left. £9.00 + £3.50 shipping (anywhere in the world)

LUMB010   ANDREW LILES Auto Manipulator LP.  Fifteen cuts by this prolific solo artist now also a member of Nurse With Wound and Current 93. Released in an edition of 300 during mid-2008. SOLD OUT

LUMB2CD008   FAUST Od Serca Do Duszy 2CD.  Professionally recorded live show from Krakow, Poland, in November 2006. Co-released by AudioTONG in an edition of 1000 during mid-2007. SOLD OUT

LUMB005   VOLGA Pomol CD.  Album from this Russian group featuring Alexei Borisov blending electronics, rhythms and folk. Released in May 2007. £6.00 + £3.50 postage (anywhere in the world    NB: FEW LEFT!

LUMB004   MICHAEL GIRA Songs for a Dog LP. Released in 2006 in an edition of 2000. SOLD OUT

LUMB003  THEME Our Angels Dislocated CD. Released in July 2006 in an edition of 500. SOLD OUT

LUMB002  THIGHPAULSANDRA Chamber Music CD. Released in late 2005. SOLD OUT

LUMB002LP  THIGHPAULSANDRA Chamber Music PIC DISC LP. Released in very early 2006 in an edition of 525 hand-numbered copies. SOLD OUT

LUMB001  EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH Worn to a Shadow CD. Released in mid-2005.  SOLD OUT

LUMB001LP  EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH Worn to a Shadow PIC DISC LP. Released in mid-2005 in an edition of 525 hand-numbered copies. SOLD OUT

More items to be added...

Winter Hill Recordings

Winter Hill Recordings is devoted to reissues or archive releases only...

WHR007LP  MUMMIES AND MADMEN Grow Dark in the Sun LP. Limited edition reissue of this long o/p cassette originally released by Coventry's Slob Tapes in 1984, featuring two side-long pieces of garbled electronics, distant planet serrated guitar churn, basement Wobble-esque bass, primitive rhythms and the kinda spoken word that wouldn't have been outta place on a record by The Fall or The Shadow Ring. Originally recorded as a one-off, these tracks feature connections to what seemed at the time like a fervent enough local scene via the involvement of not only Slob Tapes' founder and early Attrition percussionist Bob Oliver, but also Alan Rider of Stress and Adventures In Reality label found Alan Rider. Serving as another document of an incredibly fertile time in music, this album perfectly illustrates just how far some of those concerned could go with limited resources. Limited to 100. Includes insert. Scheduled to go into production late 2020. 14.75 GBP + 8.50 GBP postage (anywhere in the world)

WHR006CD   ALTERNATIVE TV Primitive Emotions: A Collection of Single, EP and Compilation Tracks Released Between 2016 and 2019 CD. A collection of songs during recent years that have appeared on vinyl-only releases or compilations and suchlike. Includes 'This Little Girl', 'Negative Primitive', 'The System', 'Radiator', 'Walls' and 'Chinese Burn', amongst others. 'Chinese Burn' will be a different version to the one which appears on the 'Low Expectations' comp. 10" on Fourth Dimension. Even if you own some of the vinyl, this will be a neat way of listening to the tracks as they map out an arc in the group's more recent development that makes perfect sense hearing them all together on one release. As Mark himself said, this release actually sounds more like an album in its own right than what's otherwise tantamount to a compilation gathering together various loose ends. However you choose to look at it, the CD makes for another great entry in the band's illustrious career. Released early November 2019. 11.00 GBP + 3.50 GBP postage (anywhere in the world) 

WHR005CD   ALTERNATIVE TV Scars On Sunday CD. Remastered reissue of this rare live album originally released on cassette in 1979. A must have release for all those who love where Mark Perry took the group during the Vibing Up the Senile Man period. Includes sleevenotes. Released mid-June 2019. Available to buy now. 11.00 GBP + 3.50 GBP postage (anywhere in the world)

WHR004CD   THE MIDNIGHT CHOIR English Ghosts 2CD. A collection featuring the Sheffield post-punk group's previously unreleased third album and a bonus disc comprised of a general selection, including some rarities, spanning their career, plus a booklet of sleevenotes. Arriving from a period in music when there were countless such groups up and down the UK, and around the world, who'd initially been inspired by punk but then attempted to channel the energy and attitude into sometimes very different musical shapes, The Midnight Choir began as an idea of Simon Hinkler's of Artery. Leading other members of said group mostly pseudonymously into this new guise, alongside the late Dave Loukes from Quite Unnerving on vocals, the group themselves went on to cement links with Pulp and The Mission through the comings and goings of their personnel. Much like Artery themselves, there was more to The Midnight Choir than a simple doffing of the cap to the Banshees or Joy Division or whoever else at the time had done so much of the groundwork for groups similarly inspired but wanting to break away from the trappings of punk. The group were possessed of strong abilities to hone their craft to the point they had the potential to reach a far broader audience without losing the chemistry they clearly had at the outset. Shifting easily from a ravaged monochromatic sound to one rife with different hues, The Midnight Choir operated in that space when post-punk music took on new forms as independent music came into greater dominance throughout the 1980s. Like many others, they slipped through the cracks without really deserving to. It is for this reason, as well as the music itself of course, that this collection is not only long overdue, but more than justified. In production now and should be available mid-September 2020. Pre-order now for the slightly lower price of 13.50 GBP + 3.75 GBP shipping (anywhere in the world)

WHR003 PLAYGROUND Strychnine and Snakes cassette + booklet package. Before Splintered there was Playground, a perhaps more directly post-punk-inspired group equally given to furrowing a more intense sound. Collection of rare/demo/live recordings all selected by founding member Andy P. and spanning the very beginning of this Kent-based post-punk/noise group to its later stage when the renowned late Chicago producer Iain Burgess sat behind their recordings. From early drum machine-backed assaults in 1986 to the more full-on sound developed when future Splintered members Paul Dudeney and Paul Wright joined the ranks, the songs here catch the group's broad sound before its demise in 1989 and co-founder Andy P.'s commencing of a short-lived second version of the group (which released a 12" and CD on Dirter Promotions). Released in March 2018. 50 copies made. SOLD OUT

WHR002   RED BEAT Clones By Contact cassette + booklet package. Remastered reissue collecting nine songs from the 1980s by this UK post-punk outfit. 75 only. Released in August 2015. SOLD OUT

WHR001   PART 1 Live at the Autonomy Cenre, 01/03/1982.  Originally recorded at the Wapping Autonomy Centre, London. Remastered reissue  of this now highly collectible tape, originally released as a bonus side to the In the Shadow of the Cross demo cassette on the band's own Semen Tapes in 1982. Long out of circulation, this rare recording of a complete set by the first line-up of the band at the legendary venue funded by Crass was originally set to appear on vinyl in 2014 on an Italian label. These plans were, however, shelved due to unforeseen circumstances. Remastered, this was released in an edition of 100, with the first 50 numbered, and packaged with two printed A4 sheets of Mark Ferelli's incredible and distinctive artwork, as well as a reproduction of the original cover. SOLD OUT

Fourth Dimension Records Mail Order

Some items for sale. All new. Get in touch for exact postage rates, although generally these items will ship anywhere in the world from Poland at the following air mail prices:

Cassette/CD - £3.50, 7" - £4.00, 10" - £6.50, 12"/LP - £7.50

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NB II: The mail order section is being expanded. As indicated by the present stock, we are open to music from the worlds of post-punk, post-industrial, electronic, 'noise', improv, electroacoustic, avant-jazz, sound art and modern composition. Please get in touch if interested in a small trade against any of the label releases or want to send anything on consignment.

ALVARIUS B. Alvarius B Vs Abdel Baqy Byro In Cairo LP.  Two side long pieces of country-inflected derangement, clatter, clang and folk weirdness from the ex-Sun City Girls co-founder. Released in 2017. Nashazphone, Egypt. £16.00 + shipping

MICHEL BANABILA Sound Years LP. Album from 2017 by the Dutch explorer of abstract ambient sounds. Tapu Records, The Netherlands. £12.00 + shipping

MARCIN BARSKI Wanda's Dream LP. Four pieces built around found tapes. Released in late 2018. Reading Group, USA. £14.00 + shipping

BOW GAMELAN ENSEMBLE Great Noises Fill the Air CD. Reissue of this album from 1988 comprising of tracks using scrap metal as the source. The late Z'ev features on one piece. Released in 2018. Cold Spring Records. £10.00 + shipping

BRAS MORT Give Her This, She Takes That LP. A sticker adorning the front cover states that this new album by this French group is for fans of Killing Joke, Brainbombs and Gun there you go. Released in 2018. Les Disques De La Face Cachee, France. £10.00 + shipping

MICHAEL CHAPMAN The Polar Bear LP. Album from 2014 by this long-serving folk artist, here delivering songs with a slightly avant-garde twist to them. Blast First Petite. £14.00 + shipping

CIRCUIT BREAKER Hands Return To Shake LP. The second album 'proper' from this London-based duo consisting of two brothers very much inspired by the space where post-punk music meets industrial. There's a nice refreshing sound evident that brings it up to date, though. Released in 2018. Harbinger Sound. £14.50 + shipping

JONATHAN COLECLOUGH & ANDREW LILES Torch Songs 2LP. Eight collaborative pieces by these sound artists originally recorded live at various locations in 2004/2005. Released in 2007. Die Stadt, Germany. £14.50 + shipping

COLUMN ONE Antiphona 10". Another good one from this group whose ventures through post-industrial murk infused with musique concrete and other more avant-garde touches always avoid predictability. Released in 2013. Drone Records, Germany. £6.00 + shipping

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM Illegal Occupation Of Ears CD. Released 2000. Old Europa Cafe, Italy. £6.00 + shipping

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM Corporal CD. Tracks collected from 1988 to 1992 by this excellent Japanese project given to abstract electronics and harsh noise. Released in 2010. Industrial Recollections, Finland. £8.00 + shipping

CONTRASTATE No Eden Without Annihilation LP + CD. Excellent album from 2016 by the London-based group who have long been leagues ahead of their so-called peers. Tesco Organisation, Germany. £17.50 + shipping

CONTRASTATE 'An Exercise in Defascination' 7". The very latest single from the longstanding London-based trio given to combining unsettling electronics, atmospherics, vocal passages and other instrumentation. Always full of surprises and going places that many utilising similar strategies fall way short of, Contrastate have long remained amongst the very best. Released in 2019. Black Rose Recordings. £6.50 + shipping

CONTROL The Abattoir CD. Full-on noise/power electronics. Released in 2019. Old Captain, Ukraine. £6.00 + shipping

FM EINHEIT/ANDREAS AMMER Hammerschlag CD. Thirteen collabs between the Einsturzende Neubauten percussionist and voice from Ammer, known for his journalistic work and having written radio plays. Released in 2020. Cold Spring. £11.00 + shipping

END OF DATA Sahrah LP. Reissue of this French post-punk group's debut LP from 1984. Released in 2018. B.F.E. Records, Spain. £12.00 + shipping

ELISA FAIRES Photosynthesis LP. Five experimental choral works. Released in 2014. Eroto Tox Decodings, USA. £14.00 + shipping

GAD WHIP Post Internet Blues LP. The first album 'proper' following a number of cassette releases by this Midlands-based post-punk/DIY group who have a different spin on a diverse range of influences. There's a neat experimental angle there, too. Think The Fall, The Mekons, Sleaford Mods, Cyclic Amp, Map 71 and so on whilst a guy rants and spits from a dingy pub corner and the well worn carpets slowly come to life. Released in late 2018. X-Mist, Germany. £13.50 + shipping

GERMAN ARMY In Transit CD.  Collection from 2015 by this eclectic group who utilise frazzled electronics alongside ideas first witnessed in the post-industrial and post-punk landscape of the early 1980s. Dub Ditch Picnic, Canada. £8.50 + shipping

GERMAN ARMY A Case Study in Neglect CD. Another collection, released at the very end of 2019. Post-punk/industrial/electronics blend. Dub Ditch Picnic, Canada. £9.50 + shipping

GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS 'Arterial Movements' 7" e.p.  Three new songs from this London-based group who have a contemporary take on jagged post-punk noise. Released in 2019. X-Mist/In A Car, Germany. £5.75 + shipping

GLORIOUS DIN Leading Stolen Horses LP. Reissue of this US group's debut album, originally released in 1985 and drawing from, especially, Joy Division as their leading cue. Released in 2017. White vinyl. B.F.E., Spain. £13.00 + shipping

HEAL Espace D'inceritude LP. The fourth album by Laurent Perrier's electronics platform. Released in 2018. Sound On Probation, France. £12.75 + shipping

CATHY HEYDEN Badlands. Third album by the freeform sax player. Released in 2017. 213 Records. £13.00 + shipping

HOWARD/WIGGAN/MAPP From Dust We Came...To Dust We Return LP. Two side-long tempered improvisation pieces. Released in 2016. Dirter Promotions/Static Caravan. £14.00 + shipping

IN MEDITARIVM Plexus/Uterus 2CD. The latest collection of pieces by this dark ambient duo from Ukraine. Released in 2019. £10.50 + shipping

INCAPACITANTS Ostracized Enigmatic Conqueror CD. 2019 album comprising three lengthy tracks, the third of which was recorded live at an event in Tokyo in 2018. Fantastic noise from the Japanese legends. Old Europa Cafe, Italy. £10.50 + shipping

IRR. APP [EXT.] Are All Things Equivalent? 10". Two more pieces of wonderful mind-mulch from Matthew S. Waldron. Limited and on clear vinyl. Released in 2019. Drone Records, Germany. £8.00 + shipping

IURTA Notes Towards a Mental Breakdown CD. Post-industrial drone by this duo from Portugal. Released in 2017. Cyclic Law, Germany. £8.75 + shipping

KINSKY Praeterrito Futurum CD. Reformation album from 2018 by this Polish experimental rock group who blend (post-) punk, no wave, industrial sounds and avant-garde touches to great effect. Antena Krzyku, Poland. £10.00 + shipping

KOLLAPS Mechanical Christ LP. Debut by this group who deliver a pulverising contemporary rhythmic industrial sound. Released in 2019. Cold Spring. £16.00 + shipping

KOLLAPS Mechanical Christ CD. CD version of the above album. No extra tracks. Released in 2019. Cold Spring. £10.50 + shipping

CHRISTINA KUBISCH Schall Und Klang CD. New release from the minimalist composer/sound artist. Released early 2019. Fragment Factory, Germany. £11.00 + shipping

FRANCISCO LOPEZ Untitled (2012 - 2014) 2CD. Another album from the prolific artist mostly given to generating soundworlds from field recordings and textural gush. Released in 2017. Purple Soil, Czech Republic. £13.00 + shipping

LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM Khara-Khoto CD. The latest from this Russian post-industrial drone/electronics artist. Released in 2019. Zhelezobeton, Russia. £8.75 + shipping

MATTIN & JUNKO eponymous. Released in 2008, this is an uncompromising squall of a listen wherein Junko's unleashed screams make Yoko Ono sound like she's singing lullabies. Tochnit-Aleph, Germany. £10.00 + shipping

M.B. Noise-O-Rama CD. Terrible name for an album by this Italian artist, here gathering some archival works from 1982/1983. Released in 2015. FinalMuzik, Italy. £9.00 + shipping

MERZBOW Wildwood II LP. Two side long pieces of more digital hammering to the cranium. Released in 2017. Dirter Promotions. £14.00 + shipping

MERZBOW/DEDALI L'Age D'Or LP. Two side-long collaborations between the longstanding Japanese master of abrasive electronics and this dark ambient artist from Italy. Released in late 2018. Limited to 250 numbered copies. 4iB Records, Singapore. £14.50 + shipping

MERZBOW Hermerzaphrodites 2CD. Three lengthy pieces spread over two discs. Released in 2019. Old Europa Cafe, Italy. £12.00 + shipping

MICROMELANCOLIE It Doesn't Belong Here CD. Abstract electronic pieces from the prolific Polish artist. Released in 2014. Zoharum, Poland. £8.00 + shipping

MINOY In Search of Tarkovsky CD. Two lengthy pieces dedicated to the works of Tarkovsky by the late Stanley Keith Bowsza, known for his home taping and mail art works as well as collaborations with contemporaries such as If, Bwana and PBK. Released in 2020. Cold Spring Records. £10.75 + shipping

JOACHIM MONTESSUIS Chapel Perilous LP. Album by this prolific sound artist often given to using vocalisations to explore dimensions of an abstract disposition. Released in 2012. Fragment Factory, Germany. £8.00 + shipping

NEGATIVE SCANNER eponymous LP. Excellent punk snarl from this female-led US group. Released in 2015. Trouble In Mind, USA. £12.00 + shipping

THE NEW BLOCKADERS Live at Sonic City CD/DVD. Documenting the appearance at the Belgian festival curated by Thurston Moore in 2017. Released in 2019. Cold Spring Records. £13.00 + shipping

BJ NILSEN Terroir 3" MCD. Almost 20 minutes of processed field recordings and other such mulch. Released in 2017. Ferns Recordings, France. £5.00 + shipping

NURSE WITH WOUND The Great Ecstasy of the Basic Corrupt CD. Reissue of the 2014 by this longstanding group founded by Steven Stapleton. Released in 2016. £10.75 + shipping
 the listener into a trance-like state. Released in 2017. Zoharum, Poland. £14.00 + shipping

PHURPA Ya Tog Rid Pa'i Gyer 2CD. Two lengthy pieces of ritualistic throat singing at once hypnotic and recalling all manner of drone works. Released in 2017. Zoharum, Poland. £9.00 + shipping

PLURALS Atlantikwall 2CD.  Latest album from this duo whose music forages a largely 'psycho-ambient' world courtesy of a wide range of devices and instruments. Elsewhere, you might see this work described as 'dark ambient', but it's a term that only serves as some kind of injustice, really. At times, this is more reminiscent of The Hafler Trio. Released in 2017. Silken Tofu, Belgium. £12.00 + shipping

COLIN POTTER The Abominable Slowman LP. Another great five pieces by the man also found hard at work in Nurse With Wound. Apparently, these are realisations of work started 20 years earlier, proving it is sometimes good to let ideas take shape over time. Released in 2017. Abstrakce Records, Spain. £13.50 + shipping

RAMLEH A Return To Slavery LP. Reissue of the tracks that constituted Ramleh's side of an album originally released by Broken Flag in 1983, here backed with the material on 'The Hand of Glory' e.p. Released in 2017. Harbinger Sound. £13.50 + shipping

PENNY RIMBAUD Penny Rimbaud's Kernschmelze II - Cantata For Improvised Voice CD. Eight pieces by the Crass founder, also featuring Eve Libertine of said group on voice. Released in 2017. Cold Spring Records. £10.50 + shipping

PENNY RIMBAUD Oh, Magick Kingdom CD. Remastered reissue of this limited edition mini-album which first appeared in 2011, featuring ten cuts of post-industrial experimentation by the former Crass mainstay. Released in 2018. Cold Spring Records. £8.00 + shipping

SEKTOR 304 Primary Interface & Transmissions 2 x cassette. Latest release from this Portugese post-industrial noise group. Released in 2019. New Approach Records, Portugal.  £12.50 + shipping

SKULLFLOWER The Spirals of Great Harm 2CD. Another thirteen cuts from Matthew Bower's long-running group, once again throwing the listener into some cascading black pools of blistering psychedelic-noise. Released in 2017. Cold Spring. £13.50 + shipping

SMALL CRUEL PARTY Islands of Sleep CD. Reissue of a long o/p LP from 1998 by the long running abstract soundworld project of William Key Ransone. Released in 2018. Ferns Recordings, France. £9.00 + shipping

SMALL CRUEL PARTY Resin, Parched, Chthonic LP. Incredible abstract electronics on this reissue of an album first released as a cassette in 1991. Released in late 2018. Ferns Recordings, France. £14.00 + shipping

SPK Live at the Crypt / London - April 25, 1981 CD.  Reissue of a tape that first appeared on Sterile, the label run by Nigel Ayers of Nocturnal Emissions. Released in 2019. Old Europa Cafe, Italy. £10.50 + shipping

SPK Zamia Lehmanni (Songs of Byzantine Flowers) CD. Cold Spring. £11.00 + shipping

SPLINTERED/RLW collaborative CD. Had a small batch of these arrive here not too long ago that are possibly the last mint/new copies available anywhere. Six collaborative pieces between experimental rock group Splintered and former P16.D4 founder Ralf Wehowsky, from 1996. Musique concrete, hypnotic rhythms and abstract atmospherics. Black Rose Recordings. £5.00 + shipping

SPLINTERED Turned Inside Out 2CD. Compilation of unreleased and rare material from the experimental noise-rock group prone to using electronics and suchlike as well as standard instrumentation. Released in 2013. Totuuden Sarvi Levyt, Finland. £13.50 + shipping

STRUCTURE eponymous 12". Six songs of jagged 'n' jarred yet melodic post-punk from this Brighton-based group. Released in 2017. Harbinger Sound. £13.50 + shipping

TELEMARK Input/Out LP. The third album by this noise-driven German post-punk-inspired outfit. Released in 2016. X-Mist/Salon After Hammer, Germany. £10.00 + shipping

THEME No Emotions Catered For LP. Fifth album by this Splintered-related group, here bringing together a number of tracks with guests on based around abstract electronics and a generally more difficult and uncompromising approach. Limited to 250. Features fantastic Karen Constance (Blood Stereo) artwork on the front cover. Released in 2014. Idioblast Records. £13.50 + shipping

THE TELESCOPES Stone Tape CD.  Seven song album by Stephen Lawrie's long-running psychedelic-noise group. Released in 2019. Cold Spring. £9.50 + shipping

THU20 Vroeg Werk 2CD. Collection of live works from the 1980s by this Dutch group known for merging post-industrial and experimental styles of various shades. Released in 2012. Monochrome Vision, Russia. £8.00 + shipping

ASMUS TIETCHENS + FRANS DE WAARD Oordeel CD. Eleven collaborative pieces by these purveyors of contemporary electronic sound. Released in 2019. Auf Abwegen, Germany. £10.50 + shipping

TUNNELS OF AH Deathless Mind CD. The fifth album by ex-Head Of David frontman Stephen R. Burroughs, once again working his way through some more moody electronic 'scapes occasionally punctuated by guest vocalists. Released in 2020. Cold Spring. £10.50 + shipping

UGLY ANIMAL Panic Button CD. Not sure if this is a one-off project or not, but it's helmed by the excellent Map 71's percussionist, Andy Pyne, and collects nine pieces of a typically abstract and avant-garde leaning. Released in 2016. Foolproof Projects. £9.00 + shipping

UTON Straight Edge XSS LP. Experimental drone conflated with folk touches and the general kinda oddness one can only expect from a Finnish artist. Released in 2008. Dekorder, Germany. £9.00 + shipping

VOLCANO THE BEAR Volfurten CD. Reissue of this 2006 album, in oversized PVC cover/card sleeve. Wonderful avant-gloop. Released in 2018. Nefryt, Poland. £9.00 + shipping

VOLCANO THE BEAR Yak Folks Y'Are CD. Reissue of this 1989 album, in oversized PVC cover/card sleeve. Includes two bonus cuts originally issued on a now collectable lathe-cut 8". Great avant-garde electronic mulch. Released in 2018. Nefryt, Poland. £9.00 + shipping

X-NAVI:ET Dead City Voice LP. Great molten electronics from this Polish artist. Released in 2013. Zoharum, Poland. £13.00 + shipping

YASS Things That Might Have Been LP. Noisy and full-on post-punk with electronics. On 180g vinyl. Released in 2016. X-Mist, Germany. £9.75 + shipping

ZENI GEVA & STEVE ALBINI Maximum Implosion 2CD. Remastered reissue of the collaborative material which originally appeared on the Nai-Ha and All Right, You Little Bastards! albums in 1993. Features two bonus cuts from a very rare 12", too. Colossal power-dirges by these icons of the Japanese scene with a grumpy guy from Chicago also throwing his weight around. Released in 2018. Cold Spring. £15.00 + shipping

Z'EV Heart Beat Ear Drum DVD. Documentary released in early 2020 that focusses on the life and work of the late industrial/ritual percussionist Z'ev. Region 0. Cold Spring. £14.50 + shipping

V/A The Harbinger Sound Sampler 2LP. Sleaford Mods, Consumer Electronics, Phil Julian, Toylettes, Chaos UK,  Sudden Infant, Mark Wynn, Circuit Breaker, Massicot, The Urinals, etc. Released in 2017. Great budget priced album of noise, punk, electronics, etc. Harbinger Sound. £5.50 + shipping

V/A Your Reality Is Broken LP. Featuring exclusive tracks from Contrastate, RLW, Troum, Genocide Organ/Contrastate, Band Of Pain and Etat D'Urgence. Released in 2017. Black Rose Recordings. £15.00 + shipping

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